"We're using it too for our reading group and everyone loves it. It is the clearest exposition of a a true animal rights position that's ever been written."

"I read the kindle and I ordered 5 copies of the paperback as gifts (one for me!). This book is amazing!

Every page had me saying "wow I never thought of that way" and overall, this is the best book on animal rights out there. You made very radical ideas sound so common sense that it took my breath away."

"This is a must read book for all vegans and for non-vegans who claim to care about non-human animals. A clear, consistent and uncompromising approach for the social justice movement for non-humans, the *only* social justice movement for non-humans, the grass-roots abolitionist vegan movement."

"Some people really misrepresent your views in order to trash you. I read your book because I wanted to get a complete statement of your views. This book delivered that in a very readable form and I was really shocked to find out how much your views are really twisted and about how some people just outright lie about your views. I am also really impressed with your consistent and coherent approach. You have developed a really cohesive theory."

"I want to be an effective abolitionist educator but I was anxious about reading your books because although you write clearly, I don't have lots of confidence in my abilities. But this book is fantastic! It contains most of the issues you talk about and it really could not be more clear and easy to understand. Thanks you for writing it. Now, every person can be an effective abolitionist vegan educator!"

"We are using the book for our animal ethics reading group which has 7 people. We do one principle per week although we are spending two weeks on principle two because it's longer. (We just finished week one on that principle and will continue next week.) This book is amazing. It explains the ideas so clearly that I've never seen anything like it ever. The arguments against welfare reform and single issue campaigns are powerful and compelling in an airtight way. Our group loves this book."

"I have it in kindle and paperback. It's fantastic. Although it is easy to read, the ideas are profound. Thanks to both of you for the best book on animal rights ever written!"

"Finally there is a book that explains a comprehensive ANIMAL RIGHTS theory but does so in a completely easy-to-understand way. This book took me step by step through the ideas and I now feel able to discuss abolition with others. I have no background in philosophy (I am a high school GED) and I was really worried I would not understand it. But you made it totally clear and easy read it with ease and I feel that I can be an educator now too!"

Image: 2017-07/sheep.jpg

"This book is an out-of-the-park, home run. It is an outstanding, comprehensive discussion that clearly explains the abolitionist perspective regarding animal rights and veganism.

It is no surprise that animal advocates are often confused by the constant barrage of conflicting messages sent out by animal welfare organizations and non-vegan animal “advocates.” These institutions claim they want to help animals and happily take our money; but they tell us that veganism isn’t necessary, that it is difficult and extreme.

Abolitionism teaches us that veganism is not difficult, not extreme and that going vegan is not only necessary, but it’s the very least we can do if we want to help animals. Using impeccable logic, this book demonstrates that there is no substantive justification for eating, wearing or otherwise using animals. Abolitionism focuses on ending animal use, and seeks to shift the paradigm away from treating animals as things.

As long animals are considered to be replaceable resources they will never receive the justice they deserve, and humans will continue to use them, however unnecessarily, with impunity. For each individual abolitionist, veganism is the starting point, not the end goal when it comes to helping animals.

If you believe nonhuman animals have inherent moral value and are not merely replaceable “things” for humans to exploit, you must read this book. If you are confused when someone says you can help animals by writing a check but it’s okay to continue using and killing them, you must read this book. If you are upset by the hypocrisy of organizations and people who advocate to save some animals but eat and serve other animals as food, you must read this book. The world is vegan! If you want it."

"I LOVE this book. I am telling all my friends that if they want to understand animal rights and cut out all the static that is caused by all the big animal groups, they have got to read this book."

"I finally understand what "animal rights" is all about. Having read this book and Eat Like You Care, I feel I have educated myself and I can now educate others. You have empowered me and I am grateful."

"This book completely blew me away. It presents a really coherent vision of what an animal right movement should be. I don't understand why I did not see this all before. In lots of ways it's simple--once you can shut off all of the noise from the big groups and I agree that they are just different versions of the what you call the "happy exploitation" approach. I loved this book and will read it many times."

Image: 2017-07/3428267.jpg

"I finally understand the abolitionist theory completely! The second chapter was brilliant in exposing the problems with animal welfare and single issue campaigns. I feel more able to talk with welfarists than ever before. The chapter on veganism as a moral imperative was crystal clear and I now understand that concept better than I did. And I also now understand what you mean when you talk about the *right* not to be property and why you say that. This book must be read by everyone who cares about animal rights. It's a true masterpiece!"

"Singer's Animal Liberation is called the "bible" of the animal movement. It isn't. This is."

"This is an essential read for anyone who wants to understand what is at the real heart of the animal rights discussion.

The Professors' position is unique and extremely compelling. The concepts, philosophy and history are clearly elucidated in terms that everyone can understand. It's a fast read and it will change your perspective on animal rights, whether this is your first or 50th book on the subject."

"I teach undergraduate courses on animal ethics and this is one of the clearest and most compelling cases for animal liberation ethics that I have come across. Accessible and understandable for a general audience. Highly recommended!"

"I have ALL of your earlier books going back to the 1990s and you have somehow managed to distill the essence of some very complicated ideas into 150 very accessible and enjoyable pages. I will still use the other books when I want the more detailed treatment you provide but this book is the best general book on animal rights ever written!"

"I agree with Alan Lee's review. This is THE definitive book on animal rights and provides a clear blueprint for a non-corporate, grassroots vegan movement."

"I finally feel like I understand it now and it's comprehensive. It's a really unified theory, this Abolitionist Approach. I will now be able finally to explain these ideas to other people in really compelling ways."

"Just finished reading this book. It is just fantastic. A coherent, consistent and clear abolitionist vegan message. I highly recommend it. The book is easy to read, even for people that are not used to reading animal rights theory. Gary Francione and Anna Charlton have written a book that is going to change the paradigm from animals as property to animals as persons. It is powerful!"

"As with all of Professor Francione's (and Anna Charlton's) books and essays, it is critical to read them yourself. And then reread them. Don't let others explain The Abolitionist Approach to you. There is much misrepresentation going on. Get the information straight from the source, and stay close to the source."

"Just finished it and I feel like my brain has been totally rearranged! I thought I understood what abolition meant from being on your page for a while. But I now understand why it's the only way of looking at animal ethics that makes any sense."

"A superbly lucid, comprehensive, and most hopeful book, detailing the principles that will help us to bring animal exploitation to an end. A must-read for anyone who cares about justice in general, and/or animal rights in particular, and an essential addition to any advocate's toolkit, along with Eat Like You Care by the same authors. And as a fellow academic, knowing what the academic publishing world is like (small print runs, exorbitant prices that all go back to cover the cost of production, but high stakes for publishing in any other format), I'm very grateful to Profs. Francione and Charlton for rowing against the current here and producing a book that is affordable and accessible."

"Any person who slightly cares about animals, or any person who slightly cares about justice, must read this book. It is brilliantly simple and in this simplicity, it gives the formula of changing the world into a more peaceful and just place. This book is for everyone, and it perfectly matches with its claim that if the world will change, everyone will be a part of it. Just read the book, practice the first principle in your life and go vegan, and start being a part of the solution."

"This book was a joy to read. It taught me all I needed to know about animal rights and it was completely clear and easy to read. It also had me turning the pages eagerly to see what came next! I finally understand what animal rights is all about and how it differs from animal welfare. I also understand why veganism must be a moral imperative. Thank you for the insight and the clarity."

"A brilliant and concise layout of the Vegan position. This book, along with Eat Like You Care, are simply the most effective guides to understanding the logic of the abolitionist approach and actually changing people's behavior. Well done."

"I would suggest that everyone reads it. And if you read it, and disagree with anything, say so. And I would especially challenge anyone who dismisses the work of Professor Francione to read this book. It’s a game changer." ~ Tim Barford

"I was never even aware that there was alternative to what I hear from the groups that I have been contributed to but won't contribute to any longer. This book is amazing. I finally understand what "animal rights" means! The book was excellent not least because you got into some pretty abstract ideas but made it all understandable and easy to follow. This book has made me a much better advocate. Cheers."

"I have been so confused about what the abolitionist position was because so many of my friends who support all the welfare campaigns say that they are abolitionist. Finally, I understand what this all means and you have done a great thing for animals with this super clear and well written book. You've really lifted the confusion for me! It's great to be able to discuss it intelligently. I feel I am a better advocate for animals!"

"We read your book in our reading group which focuses only on animal books. There are nine of us. Six of us were strong supporters of the big animal groups. Three were abolitionists. Then we read your book. It blew everyone away, even the people already abolitionist! The level of clarity was unlike anything we had read. We ALL now understand why abolition is what makes sense."

"Many of my animal rights friends think that they just need to act without thinking about any theory. But as you say, you can't figure out how to act without thinking about what actions are consistent with an animal rights approach. This book explained the theory of animal rights in a super clear way. I feel I understand it all...finally!"

"Although I have been vegan for many years, I became aware of the Abolitionist Approach only recently. I now know why I was never comfortable with animal welfare causes, but I needed Gary Francione and Anna Charlton to convey the right words. I am remorseful for the time that I wasted. Everyone should read and heed this book."

"Every page of this book was awesome and helped me to sharpen my thinking. I finally understand what "animal rights" really means. I also finally understand how to translate my beliefs into activism in a way that is consistent and sensible. I cannot thank you enough."

"We used your book in our animal rights reading group. We were all vegans already except for three vegetarians who have now gone vegan as a result on your book. It was a really excellent book and is the clearest and most readable book on animal rights any of us ever read. I have loved all of your work but the level of clarity in this book was incredible. Thank you so much for writing it. And Sue Coe's art on the front and back was a great added bonus!"

"This book is a really short and very approachable discussion of the only real animal rights philosophy out there. Your book is the foundation of the movement that has veganism at its core."

"I have read your other books but this one volume has all the main ideas in a straight forward and very readable way. Just brilliant. It's the REAL 'bible of the animal rights movement'!"

"I have read all your books going back to the 1990 but this is the most succinct and accessible statement of your work to date. This is book is a "must read" for anyone who calls themselves an animal rights advocate."

"You have been saying a long time that we need to a theory in order to know what actions we should take and what we should advocate to people. Although you've been writing that theory for many years, this book is a totally readable and short book that really lays it all out. It's awesome. Every person who claims to be an animal rights activist (as opposed to a welfarist) needs to read this book."

"I was really confused about the abolitionist approach after reading what some of the people who don't agree with it say about it and you. I came to your talk at the Cleveland VegFest (which was amazing by the way!) and got your book (and you signed it). I am amazed at how much your position is misrepresented and I am happy to say that I am an abolitionist!"